Latest-generation standing tractor with electric steering: combines excellent performance with a modern design that opts for innovave soluons and materials.

The technical project was studied to provide the maximum comfort and ergonomics.

Bull 5 N is the first standing tractor that can have pneumatic wheels, more comfortable, and the battery on the posterior axle to give extraordinary stability in every driving conditions. Self-supporting bodywork with extruded steel mudguards and pressed steel front to protect the machine against accidental collisions.

The high-capacity battery can be removed both vertically and sideways since it rests on bearings. Compact dimensions, easy-to-use controls, and performance make these machines ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. They can also be equipped with a professional cab, with PVC or metal doors.

The dashboard features an interactive display that provides information about the battery charge, hours worked, instantaneous speed, service conditions, and technical faults. Starting by badge and Black Box are also available on request. The machine is operated by an AC system so, besides driving it, the motor also functions as a regenerative brake when the operator releases the accelerator. The high-capacity battery can be recharged by a high-frequency battery charger onboard and easily replaced since it can be removed sideways from the machine.

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For more information on our BULL 5NS, get in touch with our experts!