Powered Pallet Trucks


Powered Pallet Trucks

About Powered Pallet Trucks

Every powered pallet truck model available from Goscor Lift Truck Company fits into the tightest spaces, is exceptionally manoeuvrable and can carry the heaviest loads and withstand tough impact. These machines make your life easier by providing the best pallet storage solutions in the industry.

Introducing the new Doosan 1.5t Lithium-Ion Powered Pallet Truck.

Our 1.5t lithium electric pallet truck meets and exceeds your warehousing needs. The compact design provides efficient, safe and responsive manoeuvrability in the most confined spaces. Featuring a lithium-ion battery, it allows increased shift life and reduced downtime. Our lithium pallet truck charges faster, and you can effectively manage your battery usage and charge the truck when required.

Despite only weighing 126kg, including its battery, the powerful motors and multifunction display panel for electric lift and lower functions enable the truck to transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes; making this pallet truck easy to use.

CROWN – The Best Powered Pallet Trucks out there

Crown’s specially designed powered pallet trucks from Goscor come with advanced features to satisfy any warehousing need. With a load capacity of 1.6-2.5 tonnes, shock reducing suspension systems, completely programmable performance systems, and electronic steering, these machines were designed with ease and comfort in mind. If you’re looking for a real warehouse workhorse, choose among the wide range of models available in our collection of powered pallet trucks.

Pallet Trucks are perfect for tight spaces, can withstand impacts and are manoeuvrable. The Pallet Truck will meet any needs with the capacity from 1.6 – 2.5 tonne. And with its advanced features such as electronic steering, programmable performance, shock reducing operator suspension system it will make your life easy. They call it the “workhorse” for the warehouse.


For more information on Powered Pallet Trucks range, get in touch with our experts!

For more information on our Powered Pallet Trucks range, get in touch with our experts!