Bull 10 is a four-wheel tractor designed for continuous, heavy-duty service and features a 10-ton towing capacity.

Also suitable for outdoor use, in which case it is equipped with cab, it is closed in the lower part or protected where exposed to wet ground.

The tractor components are designed for the intended use and include a hydraulic steering system and a cylinder to operate the steering wheels. Front and rear suspensions minimize the vibrations caused by irregular terrain and transmitted to the operator, who sits on a cushioned seat that provides optimum conditions in which to work. The cab is generously sized and soundproofed. The transmission system features an axle with differential, which supports a high-power AC motor controlled by an AC electronic system ensuring gradual acceleration, delicate maneuvers, and regenerative braking.

The braking system includes three circuits: a circuit for the front hydraulic drum brakes, a circuit for the rear hydraulic drum brakes, and electronic regenerative braking. On request, the machine can be equipped with numerous options: starting with a badge, cabs of various kinds, Rockinger hitch with or without the unhitching device on board, no-marking wheels, double seat, and many other items. BULL 10 can be fitted with a loading platform of different standard dimensions. On request, platforms can also be made with dimensions and characteristics to suit the customers’ requirements. The platform deck can be covered in various materials and fitted with side panels of different sizes and characteristics. Our standard side panels are like the ones on trucks. They are made of aluminum and can be opened. As well as the loading platform, BULL 10 NP can be equipped with a cab and various types of wheels.

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For more information on our BULL 10, get in touch with our experts!