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Turret Trucks

About Turret Trucks

Our turret trucks are the best in the industry, able to perform the toughest material handling tasks.

In the VNA Turret Truck series, the TSP 6000 Turret Trucks have a stage capacity of 1,000-1,250kg with one of the highest lift heights of 11.7m. The 48 Volt AC allows an easier and faster handling and control system.

The TSP 6500 Turret Truck series has an even larger lifting capacity of 1,500kg and higher lift height of 13.5m, enabling energy-efficient and fast very narrow aisle applications. Innovative new features like Monolift Mast, move control seats, oil-cooled brake systems and high-visibility ensure the highest performance in the VNA applications.

The TSP-7000 series has a lift capacity up to 1,500kg and lift height of 17.2m, ensuring convenient and fast operations with the aisles only little wider than the trucks. These trucks are powered by 80V batteries, allowing fast and efficient movement and flexibility.

The turret trucks have the unique ability to cope with some of the most demanding tasks in material handling, tasks that set the pace for every other process in the warehouse. With the special features of MonoLift and Mast and Move Control, the Turret Truck is one of a kind.


For more information on Turret Trucks range, get in touch with our experts!

For more information on our Turret Trucks range, get in touch with our experts!