Rebuilt forklifts make cents

Rebuilt forklifts make cents

May 12, 2021 | by

Cape Business News Article

HELUKABEL SA recently took delivery of two rebuilt Doosan BR16JW forklifts from Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC). The units made economic sense for the German cable importer and distributor, considering its warehousing and stor-age application doesn’t necessarily warrant buying new machinery.

As the costs of doing business keep rising, especially in con-strained economic conditions, the thought of purchasing new mate-rials handling equipment (MHE) may be out of question for many, especially when the application doesn’t necessarily warrant buying new. To survive the tide of such a down-ward economic cycle, there has been a clear shift towards rebuilt/ refurbished equipment. In fact, the trend is not unique to the local market, but it’s a global phenomenon as companies find it a cost-effective way to stretch their capital to service their operations.“We needed to upgrade our lifting equipment, and these units were the most suited for our ware-housing and storage needs,” explains Habib Chagan of HELUKA-BEL.

“The cost was obviously the main reason for opting for these machines, and also the fact that the type of industry we are in doesn’t necessarily warrant us buying new machinery, as they get changed regularly.”“Buying a rebuilt forklift makes economic sense, especially for our type of warehousing and storage needs. When the rebuilding work is carried out by a credible supplier like GLTC, one can be rest assured that the equipment will offer the best possible production during its second life,” adds Chagan.

All refurbishments are completed in-house by experienced GLTC technicians and close attention is paid to the quality and long-term utility as each com-ponent receives the necessary attention to increase the lifetime. Refurbishing services span across all the fork-lift brands in the GLTC stable. These include Crown, Doosan and Bendi. In conclusion, Chagan is happy with the performance of the machines. He is equally satisfied with the service provided by GLTC. “Goscor has given us very good service. I would recommend them anytime to anyone looking for quality, rebuilt fork-lifts, and will most certainly consider them again on my next purchase,” concludes Chagan.