Panning for Promises

Panning for Promises

May 13, 2021 | by

Panning for promises, or as I like to call it, buying a new forklift, is no mean feat. It entails key deliberations to ensure you have the right product supported by the right supplier. I’m comfortable knowing that Goscor prides itself in superior service – not just promises – but in actually delivering it.

Sitting in management meetings or by simply chatting to staff – the mantra repeats itself – “do what you say you are going to do”.  Being a newbie that I am, it is always encouraging to see how seriously the Goscor family takes this statement. When you buy a forklift from Goscor, it is not only a fantastic piece of equipment that you get, but also world-class backup service that is superior in its own right.

It’s also worthwhile to note that, service – the Goscor way – transcends just the provision of parts and fulfilling maintenance contracts. We have gone the tech route further than most of the competition, and by leveraging technology, we are far ahead of the curve.

With every machine purchase, Goscor offers the option of installing a cutting-edge Fleet Management Device. Not only do we recommend these technologies to our customers; but we also walk the talk – we actively use them on our own machines as well, to limit unnecessary costs, increase machine life cycle and to identify trends that benefit our business and yours.

When you pan through all the available options, and see the golden sparkle, that’s the Goscor light!

Goscor – Partner for life!