Goscor Lift Trucks Elevates Efficiency with Introduction of Movexx Smart Electric Tugs

Goscor Lift Trucks Elevates Efficiency with Introduction of Movexx Smart Electric Tugs

December 12, 2023 | by digital@lkda.co.za

Johannesburg, 15 November 2023: Goscor Lift Trucks (GLT), a prominent player in the industrial warehousing equipment sector, proudly announces the expansion of its product offering with the introduction of Movexx smart electric tugs to the South African market. This innovative addition aims to enhance horizontal transport capabilities, enabling safer, faster, and more efficient logistics processes for retail operations.

Established in 1984, GLT has been at the forefront of delivering best-practice industrial warehousing equipment solutions. Renowned for its comprehensive range of electric and diesel-powered forklifts and superior after-sales service, GLT has solidified its position as a dynamic forklift company offering complete warehousing solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership. Today, GLT stands as a leading industrial warehousing equipment supplier in the South African materials handling industry.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Movexx brings over fifteen years of experience and a commitment to continuous innovation and customised service. Leveraging their deep understanding of logistics processes, Movexx has crafted compact, manoeuvrable, and highly reliable tugs that eliminate physical strain, contributing to more efficient retail operations.

GLT’s Business Development Director, Patrick Barber, believes that Movexx smart electric tugs, introduced under the mantra “EMBRACE INNOVATION ONE MOVE AT A TIME,” seamlessly complement GLT’s existing range of industry-leading forklifts and materials handling equipment, which includes world-leading brands such as Bendi, Crown, Doosan, and DEC machines.

“Two standout products from the Movexx range set to revolutionise distribution and retail logistics are the TT1500-T and R1000-S,” states Barber. “The TT1500-T excels at effortlessly moving roller containers from trucks to stores, allowing for seamless connection of multiple containers and reducing the need for frequent driver back-and-forth movement. Meanwhile, the RR1000-S proves to be an invaluable asset in department stores and warehouses, offering a comfortable and efficient order-picking experience with its low step height and adjustable tiller head and back support,” he adds.

Movexx’s commitment to innovation and ergonomic excellence is underscored by its recent recognition as the winner of the Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2023.

GLT’s strategic partnership with Movexx underscores its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that optimise warehouse operations, reduce operational costs, and elevate overall efficiency in the materials handling industry.