GLTC – your total material solutions provider

GLTC – your total material solutions provider

August 30, 2022 | by

Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has been supplying the materials handling equipment market with world-class products since 1984. In partnership with its leading global principals, the company continually strives to be at the forefront of the technological innovations in the materials handling space, thus providing local customers with the latest solutions that speak to their exact needs.


Like most things in today’s world, purchasing materials handling equipment (MHE) is becoming more complex. In a tough economic environment, investing in MHE can be a stressful endeavour as it ties up capital for long periods of time, and the longer the period, the greater the uncertainty and risk involved. Consequently, it must be done correctly the first time, as mistakes are not easily rectified.

In the decision-making process, one of the critical considerations should be the ability to source all the end user’s MHE needs from a single supplier. Having to purchase equipment that drives your business from different suppliers and being serviced by all the different dealers can be time-consuming and costly. Working with an established supplier means you will have access to reliable support, as well as the parts and equipment you depend on for maximum uptime.

This is exactly GLTC’s value proposition. By virtue of being the sole distributor of several internationally renowned, complementary forklift brands such as Bendi, Crown, Doosan and DEC, as well as Battery and Energy Storage Solutions, the company is a renowned MHE supplier that can address any problem statement optimally and service end users’ needs across board. Bear in mind that in a typical warehouse, not one piece of equipment can do the complete solution, so with GLTC’s multiple brands, one has a 360-degree turnkey solution from one supplier.

Turnkey solutions

GLTC’s turnkey solutions approach means that it can offer customers the flexibility they need, by offering options such as outright purchase, short and long-term rental, as well as maintenance plans. This is complemented by its nationwide forklift sales, service, rentals and equipment spares through a comprehensive dealer network.

In these challenging economic times, the company is cognisant of the fact that it is sometimes difficult for MHE users to buy new and there are some industries that do not necessarily need MHE on a high utilisation basis.

Therefore, GLTC has made the refurbishment route a viable alternative by establishing a dedicated Rebuild Centre in March 2017, which is purely focused on refurbishing ex-long term rental units. All refurbishments – spanning across all the forklift brands in the stable – are completed in-house by experienced technicians and close attention is paid to the quality and long-term utility as each component receives the necessary attention to increase the lifetime.

Another factor that reaffirms GLTC’s one-stop shop approach is the fact that it is part of the larger Goscor Group of Companies, which comprises a variety of other solutions for the end user, ranging from cleaning equipment to earthmoving equipment and power products, to name a few. The Group has its own finance division in place to offer tailor-made financial solutions to customers.

Bespoke energy solutions

In line with the industry’s focus on environmental stewardship, GLTC has for years been offering bespoke energy solutions for materials handling equipment, including lithium-ion, lead-acid and copper stretched metal (CSM).

Lithium-ion: The company has been testing this technology for more than two years on some sites. A key differentiator for GLTC is that its lithium-ion offering is customer- and application-specific. The company offers both imported and locally manufactured alternatives. The two options are for normal ambient applications such as manufacturing plants and warehousing, as well as low ambient, cold room environments where productivity is principal.

Lead-acid: Lead-acid batteries have existed for more than 100 years, but they should not be dismissed as outdated technology. These batteries still remain relevant in some of the tasks. For example, anyone using their forklift in a single-shift operation, has plenty of time to charge or change batteries and is not afraid of regular maintenance, will still be able to work well with conventional lead-acid batteries for some time. The batteries have a long track record of being robust and reliable, and still remain the main battery of choice in the industry.

CSM: GLTC believes it is the only company in the country offering a solution that sits between lithium-ion and lead-acid – copper stretched metal (CSM). This solution has been well received in bottling applications and manufacturing environments. It is ideally suited for multi-shift applications with one battery through fast and opportunity charging, as well as seasonal business with high activity peaks.

Apart from electric solutions, GLTC was one of the first MHE suppliers in the local market to offer lift trucks powered by EU Tier 3 engines. The early transition, well ahead of any form of legislation, was purely informed by the company’s mission to play a leading role in minimising its impact on the environment through lower greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the development concept of EU Tier 3 engines has always pursued lower fuel consumption, better performance, reliability and durability than the previous engine generations.

Speed of service

As today’s tough operating and economic conditions continue to squeeze already constrained bottom lines, MHE owners are well aware that maximising uptime is the basis upon which they can keep their businesses healthy and growing.

It is thus no surprise that today every fleet owner of capital equipment expects maximum equipment uptime. To increase and maximise production efficiency, one must choose equipment from a supplier with the highest reliability; that does not compromise on service, to ensure that equipment runs at peak performance.

Maintenance alone is not the whole story when it comes to uptime and the consistent improvement to the bottom line. In today’s superfast modern age, a supplier’s efficiency is not only based on the provision of spare parts and fulfilment of maintenance contracts but is largely measured on how fast the service is.

Speed is such an important factor that is sought in every aspect of GLTC’s service strategy. To drive this point home, the company has set itself a target to respond within 2-4 hours within a radius of 100 km.