GLTC Rental ticks the right boxes for Western Cape’s fruit season

GLTC Rental ticks the right boxes for Western Cape’s fruit season

June 27, 2022 | by

For Western Cape fruit farmers, whose business is only as booming as the latest harvest, renting equipment from Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) allows for on-time harvests without having to front the large capital cost of a down payment on mission-critical machinery.      

Because farmers’ success hinges on the full functionality of equipment, being able to source the right equipment at the right time, especially given the seasonal nature of fruit farming, is critical to the overall success of a business.

With that in mind, apple, grape and onion farmers in the in the Ceres/Grabouw area, Western Cape, are taking advantage of the flexible and cost-effective equipment rental facility from GLTC.

According to Janine Winterbach, GLTC Rental Sales Manager, the company currently has a large fleet of machines out for the fruit season. GLTC has a wide variety of specs to offer, including the D25S-5 diesel model, the Doosan B25S-5 and Crown SC electric units.

“The fleet is kept up to date, ensuring that customers have working machinery at all times without the threat of breakdowns or interruptions of work. One missed day of work can have huge consequences, especially considering that fruit farming is such a time-sensitive sector,” says Winterbach.

In case of any breakdowns, GLTC’s turnaround time for technicians is exceptional to minimise machine downtime for customers. “We have a technician in the Ceres area three days a week, doing site visits to see if machines are running smoothly at customer sites,” explains Winterbach.

In addition, GLTC’s rental rates are competitive, making it easier for small and local farmers to afford. This is complemented by GLTC’s flexible terms, which are tailored to meet each customer’s unique operational needs.