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Getting the better of common lift truck incidents – Cape Business News

Getting the better of common lift truck incidents – Cape Business News

May 12, 2021 | by digital@lkda.co.za

ACCORDING to the Global Industrial Truck Association, 90% of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident during their useful life. That is a staggering statistic. With so much power and likely danger at operators’ fingertips, forklift safety should be a principal consideration for everyone who is involved in the daily use of these “load beasts”.

Darryl Shafto, MD of Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), states that lift trucks have to comply with all the health and safety regulations. “For example, each forklift has to pass a load test annually for it to be declared safe to use,” says Shafto.

Shafto says the work environment plays a significant role in the overall safety of the warehouse or any other forklift environment. “Chief among the factors of the working environment that contribute to safety incidents is poor equipment maintenance” he says.

Therefore, to ensure that forklifts are in safe working order, equipment audits are particularly significant. “Regular lift truck audits are imperative, more importantly from a health and safety perspective, than a performance standpoint. Remember lift trucks engage in rigorous activities daily and it is vital to ensure that operators and pedestrians are kept safe at all times. National and global standards have to be met and aligned with at all times,” adds Shafto.

Shafto advises that several parties should be involved in this process. Operators should audit forklifts daily and specialists from the lift truck companies should also do so on a regular basis. Technicians also get to audit and check the equipment at service intervals.

Training matters

Lack of training or improper training of forklift truck operators can have an adverse impact on the overall safety of a warehouse. Safety training is one of the best investments every warehouse manager can make. Bear in mind that unplanned forklift repairs due to safety incidents can be expensive – both from a cost of repairs and downtime point of view. Meanwhile, an OSHA study has also found that forklift operators improved their performance by 61% after safety training.

Incidents involving pedestrians

A worker struck, pinned, or crushed by a forklift is one of the major causes of forklift-related injuries. To avoid these pedestrian incidents, it is important to separate the pedestrian and forklift traffic by creating designated walkways or travel ways. This is achievable with the provision of adequate signage, which is normally catered for in ISO certification.

“Pedestrians should always let the driver know they are in the area. Make eye contact with the driver to ensure your presence is known. It is also critical to make sure that the area is well lit and there are no obstructions. Operators should be cautious near blind corners, doorways and narrow aisles,” adds Shafto.

Workplace design matters

Workplace design can also contribute to forklift trucks incidents. Narrow aisles, crowded, cluttered aisles or shelving that has components that could hit or intrude into the operator area and obstructions at intersections and doors are all factors that can lead to forklift incidents.


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