Famous Brands recommends Goscor for service and improved uptime

Famous Brands recommends Goscor for service and improved uptime

May 13, 2021 | by digital@lkda.co.za

Goscor Lift Trucks Company (GLTC) replaces old and redundant equipment for Famous Brands – Africa’s largest branded food services franchisor – ensuring critical uptime in servicing their customers across the country.

Downtime costs can negatively impact retailers, warehousing operations as well as most business across many industries. Downtime may result from IT infrastructure or software failure, power outages, to industry strikes, production machinery and even in logistics whereby machine failure could likely occur.

“Logistics is a 24hours – 7 days a week business, and we certainly cannot afford breakdowns and break-stoppage due to poor equipment,” says Famous Brands Group Logistics Service Executive Bill Davies.

“Apart from loss of revenue or additional costs incurred such as overtime, emergency maintenance fees, costs to get back up and additional repair costs that may go on even after service has been restored – all reduce profitability and may have massive supply chain ripple effects,” states GLTC Service Manager Lex Winson.

“Even so,” Lex continues, “there are tangible elements that reflect the costs of reputation impairment like stock downturns, loss of customer confidence and/or customer dissatisfaction, low employee morale or turnover due to stress/consequences of downtime and marketing man hours and media costs required to rectify brand/company reputation damage.”

While downtime may be unavoidable, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With proper planning, equipment, and ongoing maintenance in place, warehouse downtime can be reduced, to recover more quickly, and minimise the impact of downtime on operations.

“The key differentiator for us with Goscor has been the service level,” states Davies. “There are challenges from time to time, and the key thing with Goscor is if we phone them within an hour we have a technician, and that’s been critical for our uptime and servicing our customers across the country,” he adds.

GLTC are defined by passion for service excellence in the materials handling industry. “Distribution and servicing for global brands, demands we have only the best technicians available to perform repairs and maintenance on the equipment we supply,” says Winson.

“Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective service options on these quality machines with the lowest possible downtime,” Winson believes.

GLTC offer a full service support 24/7 year-round with a guaranteed 4-hour breakdown response time.  Boasting a fleet of fully equipped vehicles handle breakdowns and perform routine maintenance on-site are available nationwide.