Delivering first-class value on second hand machines

Delivering first-class value on second hand machines

May 13, 2021 | by

Not so long ago, Goscor Lift Truck Company started refurbishing machines for the second-hand market, and this has already been a huge success. Although our focus is primarily on new machines, it was inspiring to see that, in line with global trends, the demand for quality older machines is as strong, and that we could respond to this growing customer need.

There is a lid for every pot, and a solution to every need. The same applies to the range of Goscor products and services. True to this mantra, we find ourselves also supplying more and more machine accessories, becoming a one-stop shop to all our customer needs. One of these accessories – Goscor Fleet Management Device in particular – is getting more attention because of its multiple benefits.

Goscor has been fitting Fleet Management Devices for years, and we have seen an uptick in demand as such technologies have become mainstream. For this reason, it’s more likely than not that you would be offered such a product when you buy a Goscor machine.

However, we didn’t expect that these devices would be as effective even on older machines.  It has long been perceived that fitting fleet devices on older machines does not justify return on investment (ROI) – and this may be true in some cases. The response is generally that the savings on one machine and 100 machines are different.

In our view, that’s not the case – a rand saved on an old machine is the exact same value as the rand saved on a new machine, and fleet size makes no difference. Particularly in the second-hand market where budgets are already lower and margins are constrained, we find there is even bigger need to skimp on costs and sweat the asset even more.

It was really encouraging to see the tremendous savings on tyres, fuel, batteries and other components after fitting one of our devices on one of the second-hand units. Just because it is second hand does not mean it is not capable of executing its duties. An older machine can still be a vital asset and contribute significantly to operational success – and it can do so for even longer when fitted with a Goscor approved Fleet Management Device.

Not all of these devices come with monthly charges, some work perfectly well as standalone entities doing things like Engine or Transmission Protection, Excess Idle Cut Out, Speed Limiting, Battery Cut, Access Control Out, among others. Should your needs change, these very same units can be upgraded, downgraded and refurbished too, to fit your evolving operational needs.

Like with any of our products and services, when you choose Goscor, the lifetime commitment and partnership that comes with it is standard.