Where to Find a Manual Forklift for Sale

Finding a manual forklift for sale is not too difficult. You should, however, first consider your requirements for such machine. Is it to be used as a height stacker and if so at what height or are you simply looking for a pallet truck to move pallets about?

If you are looking to buy a new forklift the obvious places to look would be the major distributors of such equipment, to be found on the internet or the yellow pages or possibly in advertisements contained in trade journals. Should you wish to purchase a second hand manual forklift for sale, you could in the first instance contact the major distributors or else contact second hand dealers, look in the newspapers or even in trade journals for advertisements. There ought to be many out there for sale for some reason or another and finding one in good condition and complying with your specifications should not take too long in the industrialised areas of South Africa.

There are not too many things that can go wrong with a manual forklift for sale, the most notable would be the wheel bearings may need to be replaced or the hydraulic system to be overhauled. The other obvious part that may be damaged would be the fork, which is easily replaced. You, however, will also find overhauled units available that may carry some form of guarantee, particularly looking for such unit at the main distributors or dealers. Manual forklifts are hard working machines and often abused by their operators so it would be in your interest to exercise care in where you buy such unit and if available, find out what its history of use is. Again, if you are to rely on sound performance of the forklift in your business, it may well be in your interest and buy or possibly rent an overhauled unit from a distributor, with the added advantage of a possible guarantee on the machine. While it is always important to preserve working capital in business, and not unnecessarily embark on capital expenditure it none the less is important to buy quality rather than buy cheaply and regretting it later.

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