Small is Beautiful for Goscor Lift Truck Company

Small is Beautiful for Goscor Lift Truck Company

May 13, 2021 | by

In the last week or so of March 2018, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) delivered to customers more than 30 machines including Doosan diesel and electric forklifts, Bendi articulated forklifts and a range of specialised Crown Materials Handling Equipment (MHE).

The point is not so much the quantity of machines (Goscor often delivers more than this to single clients in a day) but rather the quantity of clients – in this case more than 20.

GLTC MD, Darryl Shafto, says that many think that a large business like GLTC turns mainly on big orders from big clients. “Nothing can be further from the truth,” says Shafto. “So much of our business comprises small orders from small and big customers and our philosophy is simple – each order is appreciated to the fullest extent and our service infrastructure is geared up to handle any fleet size. Large fleets are obviously beautiful but, in our world, so are small fleets,” he says.

Shafto emphasises that small operations should not hesitate to see what GLTC has to offer. “Sometimes smaller operations are loath to approach large suppliers like ourselves but they shouldn’t be. Anyone who needs to make their businesses more efficient in the long term and MHE is in any way part of what they do, then we have the experience, knowledge and products to make a real difference to your bottom line,” he says.

According to Shafto GLTC’s success is founded on three fundamental principles: Firstly, Goscor is grateful for every customer and every order no matter the size. Secondly, the integration of the management, sales and service functions create a well-oiled team able to provide its customers with the correct solutions in double-quick time and, thirdly, the belief that the foundation of world-class service is world class product. In line with the latter, Goscor is the sole distributor of some of the most famous brands in the industry including Crown, Doosan, Bendi, Hubtex, and Taylor Dunn.

Such is Goscor’s exceptional service and expertise, many of its customers today virtually “outsource” the MHE function to it, which provides customers with creative, effective financial packages including outright purchase, rental and structured leasing arrangements, the best possible product to suit their specific needs and, in many cases, a full-time, on-site technical service to ensure the absolute minimum downtime.

“Ultimately the best possible service is the name of the game,” Shafto says. “Our recently restructured service department is one of the most experienced ‘skills upliftment and service training’ facilities in the country. National Service Manager Lex Winson, keeps service staff up to date with ever-changing technology. To this end we provide throughout the country special cut-away machines for “touch, feel and see training” and special bays for “direct participation training”. New or current machines are pulled into these bays so that our technicians, new or experienced, can be instructed – or refreshed – on the machines’ service requirements,” he says.

Shafto adds that Goscor’s state-of-the-art training and service centres are an investment by a company that believes fervently in the future and that understands that team work, top brands and technical after sales service are at the foundation of giving customers a world-class overall service.