There are a number of stacker suppliers Johannesburg. Some are mainline distributors while others may be dealers of such distributors. There are two types of stackers. There are those used in mining operations which are huge machines used to stock pile ore and other mined materials. They could also be used in the stockpiling operations of agricultural products like cereals. The other type of stacker is those machines typically used in warehouses and logistic operation to move palletised products into storage racks or spaces. Some are high reach stacking machines, while others may operate typically at ground level, depending on the operation. Some are manual human driven machines, while others could be driven by electric, LP gas, and diesel or petrol engines, depending on the space they are employed in.

Stacker suppliers Johannesburg supplies a range of forklifts, depending on the application area. More than being suppliers of hardware, these suppliers also provide services, like spare parts, servicing of machines, rental of machines, and advice on application of equipment types and so on. These machines are process critical, meaning if a machine breaks down, that part of the operation allocated to the specific machine suffers unless there is a replacement machine available. The back-up service of the supplier is therefore of utmost importance, not only in the maintenance of these machines, but also any repairs that are required. Suppliers normally offer a 24/7 call out repair service and spares holdings of up to 95% is often maintained to facilitate rapid repair services. Some suppliers will even supply a stand in machine pending the repair of the broken forklift.

When you run a time critical or process critical application in your business employing stackers in such operation the actual cost (within reason) of the equipment is probably less important as a decision criteria in buying or renting the equipment. The support services of the sales organisation in such circumstances are at least equally, if not more important than pricing considerations. Next time you buy a new stacker or upgrade your fleet, would be a good time to re-consider a supplier, if necessary, or at least negotiate a service contract suited to your operation.