Doosan 18S – 25S – Diesel

Doosan 18S – 25S – Diesel

Powerful Doosan’s DL08P electronic controlled engine which delivers excellent fuel efficiency is combined with proven automatic transmission and driveaxle.

7 Series Highlights

  • Meets and exceeds the EPA Tier IV and Euro Stage IV emission regulations by Diesel Oxidation Catalyst(DOC) and Selective Catalyic Reduction(SCR).
  • Superb Performance and high power output thanks to the new generation of Doosan’s own Diesel Engines.
  • Rugged Reliability has been a major part of Doosan’s ethos for all of its products.
  • A strong and rigid chassis frame along with more metal than plastic design and proven powertrain ensure that Doosan is the best choice for all applications.
  • New Zeus Cabin provides wide front view and excellent comfort to operator.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Extended service interval means increased uptime and Reduced servicing cost.

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For more information on our Doosan 18S – 25S – Diesel, get in touch with our experts!