Doosan 1.5t – 2.0t – Diesel & LPG

Doosan 1.5t – 2.0t – Diesel & LPG

Power, excellent performance, driving comfort, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency will certainly satisfy you.

Main Features

  • High powered and fuel efficient Diesel and LPG
  • Virtually maintenance-free oil-cooled disc brakes
  • 1 Speed powershift Transmission
  • Lift and Tilt Locking Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Enhanced maintenance and Serviceability
  • OSS(Operator Sensing System)
    • No truck moving with an operator’s absence on driver seat
    • Hydraulic lifting and lowering locking
    • Parking Brake warning
    • Seat Belt Indicator
  • Available Emission Regulation
    • Diesel : EPA Interim Tier IV / EU Stage IIIA
    • LPG : Non Certification / Tier III Certification

Product Concepts

Doosan Industrial Vehicle Pro5 Series, D(G)18S-5 are designed for a broad spectrum of heavy applications in manufacturing, warehousing, outdoor storage and material handling. The Pro5 Series are ideally suited for rugged working condition. These hard-working engine powered forklifts will meet the toughest challenges that customers throw at them including ramps, grades and rough underfoot conditions. Whether loading stacks, packing racks or stuffing trucks, D(G)18S-5 are guaranteed to impress both operators and operation’s personnel with its power, performance and productivity.

For more information on our Doosan 1.5t – 2.0t – Diesel & LPG,get in touch with our experts!

For more information on our Doosan 1.5t – 2.0t – Diesel & LPG, get in touch with our experts!