Designed to give optimal aisle performance whilst retaining many of the features which have made the award winning Bendi the first choice in articulated forklift trucks, the B420HL is capable of storing pallets in 1.6m offering great space savings over counterbalance and reach trucks. Bendi can achieve a storage density that exceeds that of a very narrow aisle (VNA) installation.


  • Battery electric
  • 2000kg capacity
  • 12.5m lift
  • 1.6m aisle
  • Dual inside / outside

Ergonomics & Safety

  • Comfortable seating position with all truck functions to hand
  • No `deadman switch` required as rotation fully visible from drivers cab
  • Four post overhead guard
  • Full hydraulic power steering


  • Large soft tyres
  • Regenerative braking
  • Powerful 16kW drive motor
  • 220º over rotating steering

Electrical System

  • 48 volt high capacity battery
  • AC controller
  • Battery and status monitoring display
  • Provision for radio data terminals / RFID reader


  • Full 3º backwards and forwards tilt
  • Accepts all standard attachments
  • Lifetime warranty on articulation unit
  • Award winning chassis design
  • Patented front wheel drive

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