Recently Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) was presented with a significant challenge by one of its clients – a packaging manufacturing concern in Cape Town – which it met with flying colours!

The challenge was to provide a suitable machine for an application that demanded a reach truck capable of collecting large plastic bundles in roll form, weighing in excess of 1300kg, from the company’s production line, then transporting these rolls to a roll store where they are stacked on a custom designed racking system up to a height of 6000mm.

Stacking the rolls is a very intricate procedure, given the minimal space the operator has to work in. Precision in the movement of the forklift and its operator, as well as the accurate placement of the product, is the key to success.

GLTC’s John Petrie recommended the appropriate machine for the demanding task at hand. “The Crown RR Reach Truck, which has a lifting capacity of 2000kg at the required lift height of 6000mm, is ideal for the task”, says Petrie. ” Success is ensured through the aid of Crown’s electronic steering system, which the operator directs by means of a multi-task control handle. The operator has a choice to sit or stand whilst driving, which aids his ability to get on and off. This, together with a set of locally designed and custom-built rotating forks, which are manually adjustable, does just what is needed,” he says.

The RR Reach Truck is able to receive the large plastic rolls with its forks adjusted at a 45° angle, which allows the reach truck to scoop the product up where it sits firmly at the base of the angled forks, just in front of the carriage, for safe handling. It is important to note that the plastic rolls are manufactured in different sizes, so the ability to adjust the angled forks “inwards” or “outwards”  according the products width, is crucial.

Once the plastic rolls have been transported safely to the roll store, a cylindrical-shaped metal sleeve is placed by the operator through the centre of the roll which protrudes either side. The rotating forks are then adjusted to the standard position and locked in place. 150mm from the front tip of these forks a recess/ groove has been cut away, which allows the metal sleeve carrying the large roll to fit securely before the load is lifted.

The operator then positions the reach truck in front of the required rack, lifts the product to the exact required height, and is then able to gain access to the exact stacking position by means of a double-deep reach action, which is used to store the product away safely and securely.

The forks can then be rotated from the 90° position to 0° position (normal fork type) to handle standard pallets. The rotation is manual and can be done easily by one person in seconds.

“GLTC has provided a solution that enables the client to use a product that essentially performs a dual role – i.e. of a reach truck as well as a counter balance truck in challenging circumstances,” concluded Petrie.

The new Crown RR Reach Truck performs a dual role – of a reach truck as well as a counter balance truck – in a Cape Town packaging manufacturing concern.


A recess or groove, 150mm from the front tip of the forks, allows the metal sleeve carrying the large roll to fit securely before the load is lifted.


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