Molteno Brothers Pick Doosan

Molteno Brothers Pick Doosan

May 13, 2021 | by

The famed Molteno Brothers farming business, leading South African producer of fresh pome fruit, has taken three Doosan B25S-5 four-wheel electric forklifts on long-term rental from Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), part of the Imperial Group.

Abraham Pool, the Cold store manager of Molteno Brothers cold stores at the historic Glen Elgin farms, says he is very satisfied with the performance of the Doosan machines. “We were looking for electric forklifts that would work quickly and efficiently while providing a safe, comfortable working environment for our operators. The Doosan B25S-5 satisfied all these requirements and more.”

Shane Farren, GLTC regional sales manager, says that the bottom line for evaluating any lift truck is simple: “Productivity. And that is where the Doosan B25S-5, and the entire Doosan Pro-5 line, really stands out,” he says.

“Productivity in an electric truck is a function of three things: speed, control and low energy consumption. All these things have been achieved through a number of exclusive Doosan design innovations,” says Farren.

Doosan’s revolutionary “Active Control Technology” underlines why Farren calls this machine “one of the most intelligent forklifts ever made”: Active Heat Control means the system self-protects if ever overheating is detected and the Active Energy Control function means the truck maintains consistent performance through 80% of battery charge life.

Pool says one of the most impressive features of the Doosan B25S-5 is that it has a much bigger battery compartment than other four-wheel electrics. “This allows for a larger battery with higher amperage, which significantly increases operating time enabling a full shift from one battery charge,” he says.

Pool adds that operator comfort and safety is another big plus with the Doosan B25S-5. “Our operators like working with the machine, which is critical. The Doosan B25S-5 is exceptionally driver-friendly and the braking system is a good example of this. As the operator removes his foot from the accelerator the brakes automatically engage, adding to the ease and safety and safety of operation,” he says.

Pool, who has been with Molteno Brothers for 19 years, added that the service from GLTC has been top class. “When we need them they respond quickly and efficiently,” he said.

The Elgin Valley, named after the Molteno family’s apple farm, is one of the more intensively farmed districts of South Africa and produces 60% of the national apple crop. In the last century, the original Molteno Brothers, Edward and Harry, restructured the South African fruit farming industry along scientific lines, pioneering new farming and cold storage practices and were influential in the development and uplifting of rural communities in the area.

Farren says partnering with such a prestigious client as Molteno is something that GLTC is proud of. “Molteno Brothers is an esteemed company with a proud legacy and we see it as another feather in our cap to be partnering with them.”

GLTC sells and rents out equipment, short and long-term. “As with Molteno, we are excited to work out the rental package that makes the most sense to a company,” Farren said.