Making Waves

Making Waves

May 13, 2021 | by

Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has been making waves with its Wave® Work Assist Vehicles. These ‘mobile stepladders’ enable work to be accomplished safely and efficiently at heights of up to five metres.

Goscor Lift Truck Company MD Darryl Shafto says that the Wave® has been one of Crown’s most successful innovations worldwide, including in South Africa. “The demand for these ‘mobile stepladders’ has been strong all over the world and we are seeing the same here,” he says.

He adds that the major reason for the Wave®‘s popularity is improved productivity.  “In many situations, the majority of lifting and maintenance tasks require two people to position materials at height.  With the Wave® this is no longer the case – one employee can carry out these tasks safely and quickly without the need for assistance,” Shafto says.

Productivity is further increased as a worker with merchandise or tools can be at the required height ready for the task at hand before a worker on foot can even walk to the location.  On the Wave® the operator can travel at speeds of up to 6km/h, twice as fast as the average walking speed.  In addition, its ability to drive and lift simultaneously saves time, although for safety reasons the travel speed is then reduced to 3km/h.  By comparison, rolling ladders are difficult to move from one place to another and they take up three square metres of floor space, whether they are in use or not.

“Furthermore, productivity is increased through less operator fatigue over a days shift , and there is a reduction in product damage.  Loads are transported securely on the load tray or load platform and cannot be dropped accidentally,” says Shafto.

At 750mm wide and 1525mm long, the Wave® passes through standard doors and fits in most elevators.  “Unlike a rolling ladder, which is difficult to manoeuvre around corners, the Wave® can turn on its own length.  It requires an aisle width of only 900mm guaranteeing even more efficient use of space,” says Shafto

In retail applications, the use of the Wave® in place of ladders increases safety – the Wave® complies fully with Occupational Health and Safety regulations in S.A – and efficiency of picking and restocking.  Tasks such as inventory checks can be accomplished much quicker and signage or light bulbs can be changed in an instant.

Shafto points out that the Wave® also makes an ideal service tool for housekeeping and maintenance tasks in office buildings, hotels and hospitals.

“An investment in the Wave® will quickly impact on the bottom line through significant productivity gains and risk reduction,” concludes Shafto.