Laughing Matters

Laughing Matters

May 13, 2021 | by

True to the Goscor way, wherever I go there are always peals of laughter – not necessarily in a bad way. The story is the same across all the branches in the Goscor Group – there is this refreshing feeling of people having fun at their workplace – and it’s all about striking the balance between productivity and morale. Many studies have shown that a happy workforce is a productive one. If the speed of growth and success is an indicator, then the Goscor staff are very happy indeed.

How is this relevant, you may ask? Well it is simple economics really – happy people do not change jobs, meaning that the person you deal with today at Goscor is the same one you will deal with tomorrow; continuity is a linchpin of the superior service that Goscor offers. We could not do that successfully if we had a high staff turnover. On average, staff that come to Goscor stay, and we find that this is repeated across our customer portfolio too.  Because when you purchase a forklift from Goscor, or any one of our other products and services, you get a lifelong partnership commitment.

Goscor still has one of the best technicians-to-machine ratios in the country, and for this reason our response times are still ahead of the curve. When you need us, we get there! Not known for resting on our laurels, we have enhanced this ratio even further by ensuring that our technicians are forewarned and forearmed with information they need to ensure speedy resolution to all call outs.

We do this, in part, through using the cutting edge data from any one of the Goscor approved Fleet Management Devices – where fitted – on our machines. Not only do such devices save you money, protect your machines and other assets, they also supply vital operational trend analysis. This approach gives us valuable insight into your operation and allows us to make fast and effective solutions to your daily challenges.

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe that saving you money, rather than squeezing every last cent out of you, is the answer to a long and happy relationship.

Let Goscor keep you smiling more often – and together we go places!