IFOY Award 2013: Crown has just the right (system) solution

IFOY Award 2013: Crown has just the right (system) solution

May 13, 2021 | by digital@lkda.co.za

6 June 2013 – Munich

Crown has been presented with the prestigious IFOY Award in the Forklift Truck Solutions category on Tuesday. Sponsored by the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association, the competition’s independent jury of internationally respected journalists were impressed by the way Crown’s InfoLink® fleet management system streamlined operations at Spicers, one of the UK’s largest wholesalers of stationery and office supplies.

The jury was convinced by the efficiency and innovative approach evident in Crown’s integrated system solution. By opting for an all-new fleet of Crown lift trucks, complete with the full integration of Crown’s InfoLink® system, Spicers has succeeded in reducing fleet maintenance and repair costs by 90 percent. In addition, the fleet management system has enhanced the company’s intralogistical efficiency to such an extent that Spicers has cut the size of their lift truck fleet by 40 percent.

In intralogistics, the availability of real-time information on a company’s entire fleet of lift trucks and their operators is the key to enhanced productivity. The wireless InfoLink fleet and operator management system processes real-time and historical data to produce itemised, prioritised information. This can be used to make well-grounded decisions that result in significant cost and time savings.

In the course of the one-week IFOY test, held in purpose-built facilities on the Deutsche Messe AG site in Hanover, Crown’s customer project was ranked ahead of competing solutions from two of the industry’s leading companies in the Forklift Truck Solutions category. This category gives precedence to system solutions that show novelty, innovation, customer benefits, sustainability and marketability.

Sponsored by the German Engineering Federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. – VDMA), the purpose of the IFOY Award is to recognise the year’s best forklift trucks and forklift truck solutions. The IFOY Awards are among the most prestigious awards made in the intralogistics industry, and are presented annually in partnership with CeMAT. The Award, which is under the patronage of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, includes three other categories: Warehouse Trucks, Counterbalanced Trucks up to 3.5 tonnes and Counterbalanced Trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

About Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown Equipment is one of the world’s largest materials handling companies. Crown’s award-winning line of forklifts maintains a reputation for advanced product design, engineering and integrated manufacturing processes. Offering a broad range of forklifts, as well as automation and fleet management technologies, Crown provides customers with forward-thinking and innovative products designed to improve performance and lower operating costs. With its Head Office in New Bremen, Ohio, and regional headquarters in Germany, Australia, China and Singapore, Crown operates a global service and distribution network. Additional information about Crown’s ideas for helping its customers advance the productivity of their operations and accomplish more can be found at www.crown.com