Hubtex helps Move SA Timber Industry Forward – 50% Space Saving Recorded

Hubtex helps Move SA Timber Industry Forward – 50% Space Saving Recorded

May 13, 2021 | by

Where long loads are concerned, like in the timber industry, Hubtex multidirectional and side-loaders will are making a difference to many South African timber operators. This is according to Goscor Lift Truck Company’s (GLTC)  MD Darryl Shafto.

GLTC are the sole distributors of Hubtex in South Africa.

Shafto however notes that still too many companies in the local timber industry are using traditional, front-loading forklifts in their long-load applications. “The result is inefficient utilisation of warehouse space and a significant reduction in productivity all-round,” he says.

The Hubtex technology, which enables long loads to be handled in narrow aisles, can save companies a lot of money through increased space and operational efficiencies,” says Shafto. “Those operations that have specialised load-handling requirements should be using the correct technology. We have been showing many of these operations the benefits of the Hubtex range and I have no doubt that demand will grow dramatically for these machines with time,” he says.

Two machines that have proven themselves in the timber industry worldwide are the Hubtex DQ diesel/gas multidirectional sideloader and the Hubtex Electric sideloaders.

The former, with diesel or gas drive, is an extremely robust machine developed for indoor and outdoor use. With its hydrostatic all-wheel drive and independently activatable differential lock it is suited to all surfaces including poor ground or floor conditions. Also, the multidirectional steering enables optimal handling of long and bulky loads and the efficient use of storage space.

“The superior High Performance Steering (HPS) steering system of our multidirectional sideloaders ensures the shortest changeover time from lengthwise to crosswise drive. In fact research has shown that compared to conventional steering systems the Hubtex HPS enables a 60% faster changeover and, in addition, has up to a 30% smaller turning radius by means of its load wheels,” says Shafto.

He adds that in lengthwise drive, the Hubtex DQ series can quickly transport long material through narrow doors and aisles, in crosswise drive it can be used as a conventional front loader while circle drive enables the fast turning of the truck. “This overall agility can save up to 50% floor space,” Shafto says.

The Hubtex sideloader series, which is electric, diesel or LPG-powered, is designed to maximise long-load storage density providing room for additional racks and enhanced storage capacities. “Not only do these trucks enable up to 100% more storage space than conventional forklifts, but their unique design also allows quick, safe and efficient operation with reduced load damage,” Shafto says.

The heavy-duty, diesel sideloaders are specifically designed for demanding operations and provide exceptional performance with proven stability. With capacities of up to 40 tons and loadbed widths of up to 2500mm these workhorses have proven themselves in the toughest operations in the timber industry.