Goscor’s FMX Continues to Play Big Role in Sales

Goscor’s FMX Continues to Play Big Role in Sales

May 13, 2021 | by digital@lkda.co.za

The success of the FMX fleet management system continues unabated. “Its role in landing important deals is significant,” says Goscor Lift Truck Company director Patrick Barber.

He adds that the aim of the system is to help clients to be more efficient and to improve their bottom line. “And this has certainly been the case wherever we’ve installed this system.”

In short the FMX system is a complete forklift fleet management product, which operates via the GPRS network. Data is sent via a corporate APN (Access Point Name), a point where a mobile device can enter an IP network.

Typically the capital cost of installing the FMX equipment onto a single machine is between 2 to 3 percent of the value of the machine. Barber says that while many customers are initially reluctant because the cost seems high across the fleet, experience has shown that the investment is insignificant compared to the savings the system helps make.

“The cost savings from even tiny improvements in efficiency rapidly pay for the equipment. And since the advent of GPRS, the running costs of the system are negligible,” Barber says.

There are three fundamental goals of the FMX system: optimisation of fleet productivity, creating professional driver behaviour and monitoring equipment performance.

In optimising productivity the FMX measures the utilisation of forklifts over a predetermined period providing a ‘utilisation snapshot’ which establishes, inter alia, the optimum number of forklifts required in an operation.

Driver performance improvement is quite staggering with the implementation of FMX. For example, exceptions – impacts, excessive braking etc – are instantly recorded and reported via email or sms.

Monitoring equipment performance on a constant basis is one of the key attributes of FMX. This helps prevent engine damage by accurately monitoring overheating, low oil levels etc resulting in the extended life cycle of the vehicle and significantly reduced maintenance and running costs.

For more information on the FMX phone Patrick Barber on 011 230 2600 or email pdbarber@goscor.co.za