Goscor – the Complete Lift Truck Company

Goscor – the Complete Lift Truck Company

May 13, 2021 | by digital@lkda.co.za

No matter what the requirement, Goscor Lift Truck Company has, since 1984, offered world class equipment and solutions in the warehouse materials handling industry. It is the sole distributor in South Africa of some of the world’s most famous brands including: Crown, Doosan, Bendi and Hubtex.

Crown – Elegance and Efficiency

The CROWN range is filled with award-winning products like the WT 3000 pallet truck series, that was recently awarded the prestigious British Industrial Truck Association (BITA)- organised Design for Safety Award in the Industrial Vehicles category at the IMHX 2013 trade show. It also includes the ESR 5000 reach truck series, itself a winner of multiple international awards for design and performance. Like all Crown machines their popularity both here and globally is due to a combination of first-class design with superior operator comfort and exceptionally practical features.

Doosan – Power and Reliability

GLTC has made one of the most popular brands on the continent. Its range of diesel and gas forklifts made world-wide industry headlines when it introduced its “brakes for life” system – an oil-cooled disc brake system, which, being totally enclosed, eliminates all outside contamination of any humid, abrasive or corrosive dust particles. The system significantly reduces operating costs and GLTC offers on it a 60-month, unlimited hours guarantee.

Bendi – A World First

The unique and innovative designs of the Bendi articulated fork lifts offer huge space savings over conventional counterbalance and reach trucks. Able to work in 200mm smaller aisle space than its closest competitor, they can operate in widths of just 1.8m. The typical reach truck requires aisles of 2.5m to 3m for storage and racking, but reach trucks typically have small, harder wheels and low ground clearance, making outdoor use impractical. But the Bendi, because of its unique counterbalanced design with large soft tyres and its ability to articulate, is able to operate outside like a common forklift truck and work in aisles that are much narrower and space saving.

Hubtex –a wide range of applications

HUBTEX’s four-way reach trucks, and lift trucks can handle long loads in the steel and timber industries, the glass industry, builders’ merchant outlets, and others.

The Hubtex DQ45 Fourway Sideloader, one of HUBTEX’s signature products is a robust and compact vehicle developed for indoor and outdoor use which, because of its soft elastic tyres, can also be used on semi-solid ground.  HUBTEX was the first company in the world to introduce soft elastic tyres for fourway sideloaders for operation on uneven and semi-solid ground.

Available in either diesel or gas and with load capacities of up to 10 tons, these three-wheel hydrostatically driven Fourway Sideloaders are all-purpose vehicles, which can be used for the transport of long loads in narrow aisles, or as conventional front loaders for conventional pallet stacking.

For more information please contact Goscor on 010 594 4339.