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When loads become hazards

  • Most accidents with forklifts occur by plummeting loads which crush the person below.
  • Place loads back by the mast, where they’ll balance most stably; never place loads at the front of the forks.
  • Never load trucks beyond approved capacity.
  • Always travel with the forks positioned as low as possible for increased stability and protection. Never travel with forks that are elevated and/or tilted forward.
  • Ensure that the load is stable or strapped in place before moving the vehicle.
  • The load must be balanced on both forks.
  • Avoid decaying, warped, or otherwise damaged skids and pallets.
  • When stocking, be vigilant for slipping, unstable, or toppling loads.
  • Have a good view of and easy access to the rack or location where you must position your load.
  • If your load obstructs your view, operate the forklift in reverse to improve visibility and operation control.
  • If visibility remains obstructed, enlist the help of a lookout or helper to guide you between obstacles and people.


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