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Safe Working Procedure MHE Driver – Battery Charging

  • Only authorised, licensed and well-trained MHE Operators to drive the vehicles.
  • Ensure the MHE Equipment used is checked and in good working condition before using it.
  • The appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used, when using the MHE.
  • When identifying that the MHE has 10% battery power left, the machine needs to be moved safely towards the battery bay.
  • Park the MHE in the designated parking area in front of the battery bay and inform the Battery Bay MHE Operator.
  • Be careful and aware of the pedestrians walking on the walkway between the battery bay and the parking area.
  • Keep on pressing the MHE hooter, to ensure pedestrians and other co-workers are aware of your presence in the area.
  • After parking the MHE, you need to change it to “Turtle Mode” and switch the machine off.
  • Walk to the waiting area and wait inside the barriers until the MHE Battery is changed.
  • Never stand outside the barriers in the way of the battery bay entrance or exit.
  • No MHE Operator is allowed to enter the Battery Bay area without the proper authorisation.
  • When the Battery Bay Operator is finished changing the MHE battery, they will move it back into the parking area and hand it over.
  • Keep the machine in “Turtle Mode” until you have moved out of the area safely, before continuing your work.
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