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Safe and smooth operating

  • As the operator of a forklift, you must receive thorough forklift safety training and certification before being entrusted with the heavy machinery.
  • Be alert and attentive to your surrounding environment at all times with these forklift safety tips:
    • Avoid hazards on the floor; slippery or unstable surfaces, bumps, holes, etc.
    • Driving over small, scattered hazards (like shards of wood) may make the load shift and topple, or knock you out of place (and out of control)
    • Direct your forklift forward when driving up ramps, but go downhill in reverse.
    • Don’t load/unload on the ramp.
    • Alert others of your coming with a horn or your voice.
    • Keep a safe distance from people and from other trucks
    • Stop only when you have enough space to pause safely.
    • Note any changes to your operating environment.
    • Ensure that you are in complete control of the vehicle.
  • Stay in the operator’s seat, and keep your body within the frame of the vehicle at all times.
  • Wear your seat belt for protection case the vehicle topples; if that’s the case, the frame and seatbelt will offer sufficient protection.
  • Never allow unauthorized people to drive or otherwise operate the forklift.


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