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  • Remember to inspect the forklift daily, before every shift; never operate a forklift with issues or in need of repairs.
  • Forklift operators must be trained, examined, and certified.
  • Know the forklift capacity and never exceed it.
  • Secure and stabilize loads; drive carefully and slowly; and ensure visibility.
  • Always take extra precautions for the people around you.
  • Eliminate dangers to the surrounding people
  • If you’re driving, always keep an eye out for other people around you, especially those on foot.
  • Avoid fast moves. Always drive, stop, turn, and lift or lower the forks slowly and as smoothly as possible.
  • Sudden turns can toss off a load or even the entire forklift off balance, which make it a much greater hazard for the operator and especially the surrounding people.
  • Be especially careful when navigating ramps, inclines, and grades.
  • Always check carefully before turning or backing up the vehicle. Keep in mind that people may be walking or standing on one of your blind sides (i.e. behind the vehicle) or obstructed by other obstacles;
  • No one should be allowed to stand or walk beneath or upon the forks, whether they’re emptied or loaded.


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