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Keeping forklifts clean

  • A clean forklift is a productive and efficient forklift.
  • Keeping your forklift clean can save you money, as the build-up of oil, grease and dirt can prevent your forklift from operating at its optimum level.
  • A daily check of your forklift will go a long way towards keeping it in the best possible condition. This inspection includes a comprehensive check on various components of the machine, such as the lights, the battery and exhaust system.
  • Daily checks are of vital importance. It is important that your forklift’s uptime is maximised, so that productivity is maximised. Each OEM issues comprehensive guidelines, which are readily available.
  • As an operator, all you need to do as part of the daily check is to simply wipe down the outside of the forklift with a damp cloth. This small action will make a big difference, as you will have to actually touch the truck and record its condition.
    This is the only cleaning that you need to do.
  • Deep cleaning should only be done by suitably qualified and certified technicians.
    GLTC has a skilled team that carries out regular cleaning of forklifts for its clients when a service is performed at the required interval.
  • Making sure that the daily checks are done and that the outside of the forklift is wiped down will assist in reducing costly repairs that would not have normally been reported in its early stage. It will also improve the uptime of the truck, thus giving you maximum up time of your forklift, which all results in better profits.


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