Doosan had biggest ever year in 2011

Doosan had biggest ever year in 2011

May 13, 2021 | by

Doosan chairman YH Park has praised the company’s employees for making 2011 the company’s “biggest ever year”.

“It has been a very challenging yet rewarding year,” Park says. “We expanded our production bases to target new markets, and improved the competitiveness for our products and technologies through continuous investment.”

Last year, the company’s recruitment initiatives resulted in 3,000 new employees – the largest intake in Doosan’s history – joining the forklift and construction equipment manufacturer.

The company says other achievements include establishing a full line-up of production systems to engage the Chinese market, including completing an excavator factory in Suzhou, China; constructing an excavator plant in Brazil; new customers in the South American market; and a signed contract for construction of Korea’s first coal-to-gas power plant.

Park is confident about Doosan’s opportunities in 2012.