Doosan 7 Series lifts in

Doosan 7 Series lifts in

May 13, 2021 | by

The new Doosan 7-Series forklift range, now available in southern Africa through exclusive distributor Goscor Lift Truck Company, ticks all the right boxes, from maximum productivity to cost-effective and safe operation across an array of applications – attributes that are high up on every warehouse or DC manager’s checklist when evaluating and selecting materials handling equipment.

Materials handling specialist, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), has introduced the Doosan 7 Series forklift range to the southern African market. Productivity, reliability, fuel efficiency, safety, reduced maintenance and ease of serviceability are the key design focus areas on the new range, demonstrated by an array of features that speak directly to these customer needs.

Patrick Barber, Sales Director at GLTC, says productivity, lower total cost of ownership and versatility are some of the core considerations that largely inform buying decisions at today’s warehouses and distribution centres as managers seek equipment that will help them meet their operational goals.

“With the launch of the Doosan 7 Series, we are offering an ideal tool for a range of applications, all the way from lifting building materials, fibre and paper handling, chemicals, wood, to recycling, industrial equipment manufacturing and wholesalers, among many others,” explains Barber.

Lower total cost of ownership

The range comes with several features that speak to lower total cost of ownership for customers. In an environment where diesel prices have gone up 42% between January 2016 and April 2018, fleet operators now have their eyes on lower total cost of ownership more than ever. Several features of the Doosan 7 Series are aimed at reducing fuel consumption and lowering maintenance costs.

With five diesel models – the D20, D25, D30, D33S-7 and the D35C-7 – the range offers operating capacities from 2 t to 3,5 t. The 2,5 and 3 t models have already arrived in the country, and the 3,5 t is scheduled to arrive in the near future. However, all five models are available on request.

The range is powered by a Yanmar 3.3L diesel engine built to meet the latest emission regulations. The in-line, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, overhead valve engine provides high torque (191 Nm) at low engine speeds (1 600 rpm) in applications requiring ramp loading and unloading, fast lift speeds and heavy hydraulic flow. “The high torque at low engine speeds translates into reduced fuel consumption,” says Barber.

With the ECO Mode, the operator can easily change the driving mode by the touch of a switch at the dashboard. “The ECO Mode will reduce fuel consumption by an additional 5% compared with the Standard Mode,” explains Barber.

The cyclone type and heavy duty dual element air filter cleaning system protects the engine against contamination. This prolongs the engine’s service life and keeps the engine in the best condition in any environment. Meanwhile, the solid one-piece cast iron housing and J-hook mounts for the mast enhances reliability for low maintenance costs.

The range’s oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed for maximum protection against contamination. The maintenance-free nature of the brakes ensures maximum uptime, less damage and zero brake maintenance cost for fleet owners. Meanwhile, the oil-cooled disc braking system carries a lifetime warranty which further reduces lifetime costs. The braking efficiency is also hugely improved, resulting in improved safety, especially when used on inclines.

As materials handling operators seek to make the most of their equipment, uptime really matters for them, and downtime is out of question. As a result, the Doosan 7-Series has been designed with serviceability in mind. All service components have been placed on easy-to-reach locations, allowing for the forklift to be serviced in minimal time. This reduces service costs, and ultimately has a positive impact on the total cost of ownership.

Safety matters

Safety has become a major parameter when it comes to the operation of any forklift under any circumstances. In response to customer needs, the Doosan 7 Series forklift range comes with an array of features aimed at increasing safety on sites.

At the forefront of the safety feature galore is the Operator Sensing System (OSS). The OSS prevents any unintended forklift movements when the operator is not seated. “Tilt, lift and lowering functions are disabled if the operator is not in the seat, even when the ignition is on,” explains Barber. “An audible alarm will sound if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake. A seat belt warning light on the dashboard reminds the operator to fasten their seatbelt.”

Barber adds that the overhead guard’s new design offers better visibility and protection for the operator. “There is also a new hooter positioned conveniently for operators when reversing, allowing them to maintain focus without having to look elsewhere,” he says.

Meanwhile, with the Seat Belt Interlock, the forklift will not move without the seat belt fastened. The tilt, lift and lowering functions are disabled if the seat belt is not fastened. The Emergency Locking Seat Belt automatically locks itself in case of an accident.

For optimal visibility, the low profile dashboard and the precisely designed overhead guard profile with pressed roof provides a clear view upwards, while ensuring ultimate strength for safety. The easily readable, integrated instrument panel provides a clear overview of the truck’s status.

Reliability and durability in focus

The range also comes with several features aimed at enhancing durability and reliability. For example, the Powershift Transmission precisely modulates clutch oil pressure for smooth forward and reverse directional changes, thereby preventing damage to the transmission and make the forklift more durable.

The belly plate and engine guard protect the powertrain, fan blades and many components against dirt and debris. This option is especially valuable in environments with very fine waste materials, such as powder, iron fillings and wood shavings, on the floor. “Elsewhere, the combination of a large capacity tropical radiator and optimised airflow in the counterweight design enhances reliability and durability of the truck and increases uptime in heavy duty applications. The ability to lock the bonnet is also a big bonus,” concludes Barber.