Crown – Global Ecologic Report

Crown – Global Ecologic Report

May 13, 2021 | by

At Crown, sustainability is integrated into our day-to-day business processes, evident in our product design, and an integral part of our global business strategy. As a fourth-generation leader of this company, I have an ongoing appreciation for the value of sustainability in terms of the business, the talent that supports it, our commitment to our communities, our relationships with customers and our impact on the environment.

We use the term Crown ecologicTM to describe our approach to sustainability. We use it to communicate the direct bene ts our company and our customers realize from activities that have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, Crown has distinguished itself from competi- tors in many ways. First, Crown’s innovative product designs and a unique business approach based on vertically integrated manufacturing sets us apart from other lift truck manufacturers.

Second, we were founded and continue to be headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio—a beautiful and vibrant community set in the farmlands of western Ohio. As a global company, we manufacture our lift trucks in the communities where we live and we show respect for the environment in all of our operations.

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